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 Are you frustrated in messy relationships and being misunderstood? Looking for help has been futile and those around you do not believe your plea for help is valid. 

Imagine where you are always wanted and safe.

You don't have to suffer alone anymore.

Hello, I'm Dorothy Davis, owner of Ddaviscoaching. I'm a Life Coach, Trained by Bride Ministries International and Certified through Alive and Free Consulting.

I am on a mission to assist women in creating their most fulfilling lives. Though in past years I have coached hundreds of men, women, and children, I have recently shifted my focus to women exclusively. After hearing the heart-wrenching stories in my coaching sessions with mothers, wives, and daughters, who had stopped dreaming of ever having healthy relationships with the most important people in their lives, I knew that I should offer my training, expertise, and experience.  It is possible to hope and dream again.

Please complete the form below to begin your journey. Expect to hear back from me within three business days.

Let the Journey Begin!

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